1. A PSA that Mattr'd | Amnesty International 

The most striking element about this PSA from Amnesty International is how it perfectly taps in to the hearts of the young and young a heart who grace festivals in the UK. With it now being festival season the aches an pains of roughing it in a field for a few hours or days is still fresh in people's minds; so it really puts in to perspective the issues and horrendous state that refugee's are facing currently. Perfect wait to enable people to grasp the issue at hand.  

2. A use of creativity that Mattr'd | Clark Street Bridge 

It's hard to wade through the wall of content that large brands churn out. We managed to find this gem from FCB's sub brand Clark Street Bridge school of writing. So elegant, so sleek and also the perfect way to show the brands creativity. 

3. A revitalisation that Mattr'd | Bran Flakes 

The thought of Bran Flakes used to fill me with dread, always dry and boring. But now Kellogg's are dusting off the cobwebs of this heritage brand with their latest campaign that is calling for people to use the cereal as a base for fresh breakfast recipes . This campaign definietly should have some UGC element as part of it that allows people to swap recipes. Could Bran flakes be the new kale? 

4. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | Reebok / Palace Skateboards

Hilariously bad to be hilariously good? Jonah Hill is a killer bit of casting in this Palace Skateboards / Reebok commercial that has got everybody talking. That's just what you want really isn't it? 

5. A concept that Mattr'd | Virgin Media 

Brilliant bit of creative spin from the Virgin Media team with the latest installation of their Usain Bolt campaign. Definietly a good bit of story telling in this one - how they managed to convoy and match their message of being the fastest internet provider in a standout way is nothing short of genius. 

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