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1. A TV Advert that Mattr'd | Highways England 

Not every Christmas advert involves a cute kid, Santa or a dog, enter Highways England with their hard hitting public service announcement about the dangers of rain during the holiday season. This one minute advert shows a home slowly destroyed as it rains inside, symbolising how destructive precipitation can be families. Powerful stuff.

2. A use of humour that Mattr'd | HSBC

Who doesn't love a bit of cash back from all their purchases? HSBC knows this really well and have highlighted this perfectly in their latest advert. Big fan of the surreal and eye catching style of the set. Good use of intensity to portray grounded humour, definietly captures their audiences attention. 

3. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | Ikea 

Another month and another killer piece of branded content from Ikea. This time, everyone's favourite Swedish flatpack furniture brand have chosen the fun filled experience of teenage angst as the main theme of the advert. Really great bit of storytelling and who can resist a caring and patient father figure during the holidays?

4. A concept with scale that Mattr'd | Apple 

Not sure if Apple is promising the world a little bit with their latest TV advert as promising your to look like movies is a mean feat for a smartphone, but you can't really mess with the iPhone 7's 4K recording capability. In any case, Apple always like to put the element of scale in their adverts and they've definietly got that in their latest batch. Looking forward to seeing more from the tech giants. 

5. A use of storytelling that Mattr'd | Unicef

LOVE this latest tv advert from Unicef, the charity have crafted a fantastic story though a very unconventional method. Unicef enlisted the nations favorite tattooed footballer David Beckham to tell the story of suffering through the medium of Beckham's tattoos, using bespoke animations in the form of his ink to tell various stories. Superb. 

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