1. A use of creativity that Mattr'd | Nike

You know, sometimes a simple and minimal concept can deliver a massive punch. Enter Nike with their latest advert "Time Is Precious", that has a neat and simple concept. Nike have used the subject matter of internet culture and lack of time to entice their audience creating a piece of video that is actually pretty good societal observation.

2. A use of an influencer that Mattr'd | Age of Beard 

Following on from his recent stint as a Lyft Driver, the world famous 7 foot basketball player Shaquille O'Neal has lent is talents to Age of Beard, a new subscription service for proud beard owners. Big fan of the way they used his comedy talents to tell such a bizarre and surreal story, that certainly resonates enough to captivate their audience. 

3. A brand collaboration that Mattr'd | Tinder / Apple TV 

It's super interesting to see that Tinder and Apple TV have teamed up to have the dating service on the Apple TV platform - definietly not a family activity but certainly only make sense right? Such a humorous series of shorts that are perfect for their target audience. 

4. A trailer that Mattr'd | Netflix

Right, it's that time of year we've been waiting for since Netflix unveiled Making a Murderer this time 12 months ago. The question that has been plaguing all our thoughts "what will be the crime series for us to binge on this Christmas?", it looks like it's going to be Captive, a series of documentaries detailing the stories of people who have been kidnapped. Definietly not the story of Stephen Avery but the raw emotion and fear should have people hooked.

5. A TV Advert That Mattr'd | Toyota

Bit of a late entry to the Christmas race, but Toyota's latest advert warms our hearts something fierce, as they've taken some brilliant core elements that make us all happy and excited for Christmas. Take a look and enjoy it for yourself.