Christmas 2016 is only a few weeks away, but brands have been pumping us with thought provoking ads over the last couple weeks to warm our cockles and open our respected purses and wallets...Here are the main contenders:

John Lewis

Arguably the most anticipated Christmas advert in the UK calendar and this time it only cost John Lewis a mouth watering £1 Million to create (!)  #BusterTheBoxer is certainly aiming to capture the magic of Christmas and it definitely beats last years Man on the Moon, but does it really strike a chord as well as 2012’s cult classic Bear and the Hare?

Why it Mattr’d - The Christmas ad had loads of additional content so you could explore more about Buster (like the Bear and the Hare BTS Mr. Hine made back in the day)...oh and there’s also a teddy you can buy as well!


Aldi have been known in the past to create killer price comparison adverts like the rockstar gin loving grandma. But this year they took us all by surprise with their story about Kevin The Carrot, an anthropomorphic character of the nation’s favorite root vegetable (which just so happens to be the Santa’s reindeer’s favorite snack) ? Kevin certainly adds that little bit of "cuteness" that helps create impact with Christmas adverts. All we really hope for is to lead to a series of small shorts that continues the story so we find out what Kevin did next.

Why it Mattr’d - humanising objects is something we LOVE at Mattr...well played Aldi!


In these crazy uncertain times of great division, Amazon have only just gone and created a TV advert for Christmas 2016 that has people seeing passed superficial differences. We definitely hope Amazon are releasing a series of these heartfelt shorts as positivity is what Christmas is all about.

Why it Mattr’d - Amazon used real people to tell this story which we LOVED!!!! A great positive story is just what we need as we see the back of 2016 and we hope this continues into 2017 for them.

Save the Children

You’ve got to love a bit of stop motion at Christmas (Wallace and Gromit anyone?) - enter Save the Children's latest piece of content for their Christmas Jumper Day 2016 which is hella fun. Definitely catches your eye and gets you thinking of what gangsta Christmas jumper you'll be donning on the day :)

Why it Mattr’d -  Save The Children have cut through the noise by tapping into a topic everyone talks about and putting a spin on it, which is really clever. Putting it to a good cause makes it even better.


Anyone else a big fan of the sheer elegant bit of storytelling in Marks and Spencer's Christmas 2016 tv advert? I definitely think this has became a strong contender for this years crown. Whoever was the fresh spark to think of using Mrs Claus deserves a gold star.

Why it Mattr’d - A brilliant bit of storytelling with a refreshing twist to the cliche Christmas narrative.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx have came in with a Christmas advert that completely threw me off guard. They’ve created this brilliant Christmas themed house, with a diverse family, gathered around the piano - but the sheer genius lies in the fact a Christmas song isn’t used! What a genius idea that is full of surprises and orchestrated brilliantly. It’s a little different and pretty bold route for the retail brand to head down for such an important time of year. The tagline “Expect the unexpected” sums up TK Maxx’s customer experience as their “off-price” retail ethos can almost guarantee that you won’t be able to find the same set of clothes twice in a store. Yeah, I like this one.  

Why it Mattr’d  - Their use of creativity that portrays the customer experience brilliantly.


Nice one eBay! All kinds of love for the nu skool meets old skool vibes they've got going on in their latest TV Advert for Christmas 2016. What an awesome bit of content with a creative concept that appeals to a wide demographic.

Why it Mattr’d -  A little bit of and old and a little bit of new that doesn’t alienate select members of their demographic.


You know, sometimes it's just nice to have a heartfelt and traditional Christmas advert that reminds people exactly what the winter holiday should be about, family and Lidl have just done that perfectly! A brilliant bit of storytelling that a lot of people can identify with, encouraging them to enjoy their loved ones around them this Christmas.

Why it Mattr’d -  A great advert that warmed our cockles for the winter month.


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