1. An eventjack that Mattr'd | National Lottery

The influx of olympics themed content is still continuing to pour in. What stood out with the National Lottery's effort is purely just to remind people that giving your ¬£2, seeing if your numbers come up and then consequently swearing at Kate Garraway in despair has actually contributed to funding team GB's olympics training and hopes. Great way to highlight how much Camelot gives back and also a great way to encourage people to keep playing. Love it. 

2. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | GoPro

The possibilities of content captured by a GoPro is pretty infinite. BUT we have to say a man tickling a Grizzly Bear is one of our favorites. It's great to see GoPro have embraced how diverse their community is, 'cause lets face it, surfing and skating videos can get pretty old fast. 

3. A use of creativity of Mattr'd | Carphone Warehouse

If you would of told me last week I would of enjoyed an advert for the Carphone Warehouse starring Keith Lemon I would of laughed in your face. Got to hand it to CW's team though, pretty creative way of showing how awesome and customer focused the company is trying to tilt itself to be. 

4. An immersive piece of content that Mattr'd | Expedia

While 360 degree videos are still cool and haven't been done to death, I definietly think it's worth highlighting this immersive bit of video from Expedia showing how beautiful Australia is. What makes this video is the editing, even from our own experience with 360, the format is notorious for being pretty trick to edit. Somehow how they managed to get some seamless editing here that really created a calm and magnificent flow to the whole thing. 

5. A use of juxtaposition that Mattr'd | John Smith's

I mean, what can I say here? A farmer who has some seriously elegant dance moves? Amazing. John Smith's have used their slogan superbly spot on here. I won't spoil the magic anymore, see for yourself. 

6. A short film that Mattr'd | Namibia 

Our own Josh Hine coerced me in to putting this in to the chart this week due to his recent trip to Cuba. I had no idea that female boxers are banned from entering the Olympics in country, so this short film featuring olympic hopeful Namibia has definietly highlighted the issue. Amazing use of music to set the pace and keep it interesting. 

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