1. A spoof that Mattr'd | Three Mobile

You know those adverts that are suppose to be empowering and uplifting? Yeah we're big fans of them, but it was only a matter of time for somebody to spoof them. Enter Maisie Williams, AKA Arya Stark AKA The Girl With No Name (for all you Throners). Three mobile enlisted Maisie to fight black spots, but not like you know it . . .

2. A use of humour that Mattr'd | McCoy's

Always good to see a crips advert that doesn't star Gary Lineker. Here we have McCoy's who have put together this funny TV Advert for their new thick cut crisps line. We're hoping to see a female lead version of this, would be a shame to alienate half the planet after all over bags of thick crispy fried potatoes! 

3. A PSA that Mattr'd | CoppaFeel 

What makes this breast cancer awareness video stand out, is the fact the influencers involved have actually been utilised in engaging and creative way. Really great rhyme to get people to remember warning signs from their body. 

4. A use of icons that Mattr'd | New York Bakery Co

I mean, what a way to bridge the Atlantic ocean gap for your bagel company than the two eccentric iconic hair cuts. That's right, get to know Trumpsy & Borisy as they converse over New York Bakery Co's latest cheesy bagel range. Let the laughter (and slight worry) ensue. 

5. A political video that Mattr'd | Vote Campaign

I've been a bit anxious about including this video in the chart,  as we aim to be apolitical as possible. Look, one thing you have to say about America is there is always a pretty hard hitting campaign to get the public to vote in elections. It's even more interesting to see in this current campaign drive, how the language is aligned to an anti-Trump sentiment. Either way, a pretty interesting piece of content that seeps American patriotism through and through. 

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