1. A use of progression that Mattr'd | Smyths Toy Store

We had to put this at the top of this weeks chart just for mere fact Smyths have completely hit the competition out the park with their latest TV advert. What an amazing way to smash gender norms for young children in such an innocent way. 

2. A scaled concept that Mattr'd | Kellogg's

We recently featured Kellogg's reimagining of their Bran Flake range by using artists to create crazy new and all kinds of tasty looking recipes using bran flakes and fruit. It looks like Kellogg's have now scaled this concept with a series of different recipes for certain scenarios including, After The Gym, Halloween and our personal favorite Box Set Binging. Mary Berry eat your heart out. 

3. A use of internet culture that Mattr'd | Nikon

Everyone and their dogs are photographers these days. So what a better way to acknowledge, capitalise and embrace the wave of new age DSLR photographers than by placing it wedged between internet culture. In this case Nikon have used emoticons to tell their story about how to capture perfect internet friendly moments. 

4. A use of creativity that Mattr'd | Pepe Jeans 

Brilliant creative contraption in the latest Pepe Jeans advert. I just love the way they have used items to really encapsulate the uniqueness of the brand. 

5. A creative concept that Mattr'd | Pearl & Dean

What a cool, engaging and creative way to show how much your company as supported cinema throughout the years. Big props from Pearl & Dean for creating a unsung character that we 100% would love to watch a feature film about. 

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