1. An abstract concept that Mattr'd | UGG for Men 

When I think of UGG boots for men I think of Jason Segal in I Love You, Man - a pretty out there style, but a fashion statement non the less. Enter winter 2016 and we're treated to Jeff Bridges, reading the paper and being pampered by drones (can you BE more 2016?) all while wearing UGG slippers. Brilliant execution. 

2. A highlight of a good cause that Mattr'd | Co Op 

Ah the Co Op, a UK high street staple of wonder and excitement pre noughties that has been looked over by the likes of Asda, Tesco and John Lewis by consumers. However the thoroughly British brand has been making some killer content as of late and their 2016 Christmas advert reminds us all why the Co Op is still a powerful and brilliant force in our communities. 

3. A concept twist that Mattr'd | Littlewoods 

Christmas is a time for family (and killer tv adverts), we get that but it's also about strutting your stuff and showing your neighbours and Snapchat followers how blingtastic you're family has just became. Littlewoods have captured this little bit of digital culture and placed it perfectly in their Christmas 2016 TV Advert. Good work all round I'd say. 

4. A use of humour that Mattr'd | Puma Fragrances 

I had to research who Antoine Griezmann is, but apparently he's known for parodying Drake's Hotline Bling when celebrating a goal (he's a Footballer, go figure). Puma have enlisted Griezmann for their new fragrance line and have placed his Hotline Bling celebration in to a number of humorous scenarios that make up a great debut advert for their line of deodorants. 

5.  A collaboration that Mattr'd | H&M 

We've had a fantastic amount of content coming in from H&M this year and they've topped it off with this brilliant Wes Anderson collaboration. Anderson took his surreal style, striking colour palette and Adrien Brody to create a beautiful Christmas advert for the clothes brand that will certainly be talked about for years for come. Just watch and enjoy.

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