1. A TV Advert that Mattr'd | Citroen 

The choice of car for your day to day life is pretty important and no one knows that better than Citroen. We kick off this week's chart with a great TV advert from the French car makers who have found out statics for the average car user that are pretty eye opening, but entertaining. A cracker of an execution, shows the company has the average driver at the heart of its brand. 

2. A use of creativity that Mattr's | iZettle 

We had to highlight iZettle's latest TV ad mainly because of it's brilliant use of a physicality to portray a common feeling amongst small businesses. What a better way to show how your point of sale system can completely stream line your company as your begin to grow. 

3. A message that Mattr'd | Philips 

What caught my eye with this advert from Philips is it's brilliant story build up and of course Spiderman on a bus had my nerd senses tingling. I think its a pretty impressive and almost comical way to show how two industry giants like Marvel and Philips, work together to help the world in their own way. The message at the end of the advert delivers a pretty good punch which highlights a side of Philips that not everyone has seen.

4. An advert with impact that Mattr'd | Cisco

I really like the message behind Cisco's latest tv advert, not because it features a pretty philosophical monologue from Ewan McGregor. I like it because this advert has shown in it's own brilliant way to show how much impact the company has not only on tech but the world as a whole. What a way to show how your company truly matters. 

5. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | Now TV (The Walking Dead)

One of the most anticipated TV events to happen this year (after the second rising of Jon Snow of course) was what awaited Rik and his gang of merry men and women in The Walking Dead under the hands of the new big boy on campus, Negan. To celebrate the excitement of the almost certainly heartbreaking event, Now TV had Monty Python's John Cleese voice a 5 minute catch up on the series that was relatively spoiler free but shows perfectly how far the group had came from the hazy days of Dale's RV. 

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