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1. A piece of authenticity of Mattr'd | iD Mobile

The upsurge of real stories to marry the ethos behind brands is a trend that I really enjoy (check out the Co-op's guerrilla gardening advert). This time it's iD mobile's turn to highlight a blind boxer all in the name of highlighting their #DoYourOwnThing campaign. Definietly worth a check out. 

2. A use of humour that Mattr'd | Smart

Who doesn't love a mild horror film esq panic attack. Good bit of humour from the Smart team. Definietly tailored perfectly to their target audience. 

3. A advert with impact that Mattr'd | Guinness 

Every Guinness advert becomes it's own little event doesn't? The style, the sophistication and just the general vibe is always awesome. The #MadeofFootball ad is no exception. I don't even like Football but it makes me want to put on Eurosport with a bottle of Guinness in my hand. 

4. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | Nissan 

Little bit late to this one, but I definietly still think it's still worth the highlight. Usain Bolt vs the speed of fire what could be more intriguing? Got to say this branded video definietly puts a new spin on eventjacking. 

5. A use of creativity that Mattr'd | Qantas Assure

Only the use of meme culture and cult actor Christopher Walken can make health and travel insurance all of kinds of interesting and engaging. See for yourself and tell me you don't leave with a smile on your face. 

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