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1. A use of creativity that Mattr's | Motorola

It's nice to see that there has been a great bit of energy pumped in to Motorola's most recent TV advert for their brand new modular smartphone, the Moto Z. I've got to say, they've found a fun way to show how brilliant the devices functionality is for users. 

2. A Christmas Advert that Mattr's | Heathrow

What a lovely and personal message behind Heathrow Airports first ever Christmas tv advert! Really hoping to see that this a bunch of little shorts that cover's several audience demographics. A great bit of story telling that will warm a lot of people's hearts.

3. A TV advert that Mattr'd | Stella Artois

I really like this beautifully shot TV Advert from Stella Artois. Think it was an exceptional choice to be subtle about the brands Christmas inspired origins. Definietly made the right choice by focusing how the lager can give a joyful experience to their audience.

4. A fresh vibe that Mattr'd | Wrangler

The use of poetry in their latest tv advert has brought a fresh vibe and energy to the brand - definietly adds a sense of "cool" to a rather long standing brand. Hope to see they do something can rival Levi's brilliant mini doc

5. A use of storytelling that Mattr's | M&S

Anyone else a big fan of the sheer elegant bit of storytelling in Marks and Spencer's Christmas 2016 tv advert? I definietly think this has became a strong contender for this years crown next to #BusterTheBoxer. Whoever was the fresh spark to think of using Mrs Claus deserves a gold star/

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