1. A use of comedy that Mattr'd | Bose

Brilliant bit of comedy in the new in Bose' newest advert. It's interesting that Sonos has gone after audiophiles where as Bose has aimed this one at an entirely different demographic. Really playful way to show functionality too. 

2. A use of creativity that Mattr'd | TK Maxx

Yes TK Maxx! Coming in with a Christmas advert that completely threw me off guard. The perfect Christmas themed house, with a diverse family not using a Christmas song? What a genius idea that is full of surprises and orchestrated brilliantly. Yeah I like this one. 

3. A character that Mattr'd | Aldi

Got to say, I'm a big fan of Aldi's Christmas tv advert. Really great idea to introduce #KevinTheCarrot, definitely adds that little bit of "cuteness" that helps create impact with Christmas adverts. All I really hope is this is a series of small shorts that continues the story.

4. An execution that Mattr'd | Harvey Nichols

Woah, Harvey Nichols! What an epic bit of drama in your latest tv advert - really captures the Italian vibe in their campaign perfectly. 

5. A TV advert that Mattr'd | John Lewis

Here it is, arguably the most anticipated Christmas advert in the UK calendar (with Coke's lorry trailing behind). This time it only cost John Lewis £1 Million to create this year's Christmas event - #BusterTheBoxer. To wade through the noise, I'm a big fan of this years effort as the use of diversity, really personal storytelling and capturing the magic of Christmas really sets the tone of how inclusive the event is for so many members of the family - even your Boxer that loves to bounce!

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