1. A use of inclusivity that Mattr'd | H&M 

Making their second triumphant return to our video chart is H&M. I REALLY enjoyed their last ad that featured Iggy Pop, portrayed an insane amount of inclusivity in such a natural everyday manner. They've only gone and done it again, but with showing the diverse beauty of femininity . 

2. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | Savills 

Property companies have just been killing it with content in the last year. Enter Savills, who have manage to capture the innocence and humour of house buyers. What a great way to get your audience to engage with you. 


3. A use of creativity that Mattrd | Lucozade Sport

One thing I've always really liked about Lucozde adverts is that they can always capture energy perfectly and their #MadeToMove campaign is no exception. The use of rhythm, music and camera movement really adds a good flow to the whole video, that as a result makes you feel all kinds of engaged.

4. A video with impact that Mattr'd | Specsavers

What a way to show off how boss your staff is! Love the way Specsavers have shown that their staff are trained in ways that people wound't even know. More companies need to do this. 

5. A concept that Mattr'd | Virgin Media 

I'm 100% no one has made this advert yet to be quite honest with you. Really like the way Virgin Media have shown how simple it is for people to use their box. Say goodbye to your child overlords and be in control of your own entertainment, thats a pretty good message. 

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