1. A TV advert that Mattr'd | Maltesers

We've tweeted about how amazing this Maltesers advert is that ran around the time of the Paralympics. We felt like we just had to put it in the chart this week as its STILL a massive talking point. Such a brilliant way to highlight a subject matter that many people find taboo - relationships within the disabled community. 

2. A use of heritage that Mattr'd | Cadbury's

The simplicity of this Milk Tray TV advert is why we felt it needed to be highlighted this week. It's got major kudos from us, as the product is definietly something mostly enjoyed around Christmas time - thankfully the team behind Cadbury's didn't put a single Christmas reference. 

3. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | Ikea 

Another chart, another mention of Ikea. Everyone's favourite flatpack furniture brand is back, celebrating everyones little foibles and interesting home lives. With a fair few scenarios in this advert the Ikea team definietly went all out to build a little example of the diversity of the world.

4. A scaled concept that Mattr'd | Snickers 

Sometimes, its just great to see a brilliant advert with a huge amount of scale actually fulfilling its potential. Here is Snickers latest instalment of their "You're Not You When You're Hungry series" - this time with mimes. 

5. A shameless plug that Mattr'd | London Surf Film Festival 

We only went a won 'Shortie of the year' at this years London Surf Film Festival for our short film "Call Me Peg Leg"! Thanks so much for everyone that voted, liked, shared and tweeted. If you haven't watched it yet, click below. 

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