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1. A TV Ad That Mattr’d |  Honey Maid - Neighbours: Really wholesome  campaign from Honey Maid with clear aims of tackling rising Islamaphobia head on. What says pushing social boundaries and cultural acceptance than flavoured crackers?

2. An Influencer Marketing film that Mattr’d | Skills for life - McDonalds:  The McDonalds team have created a really inspiring piece of branded content with intentions for recruitment. The simple video features Canadian country singer Robby Johnson as he looks back at his time of working at McDonalds during the mid 90's

3. A Branded Content piece that Mattr’d | #GrownUpPolitics - Green Party 2016 Party Election Broadcast: We try to be as politically neutral as possible, but you've got to hand it to the Green Party (UK) they've set themselves apart massively from the other parties by being as true and real to the current political landscape.

4. A Viral video that Mattr’d | Sparsh Shah  "Not Afraid" (Eminem cover) - Meet the little dude with the unreal rap flow making waves on the social sphere. Sparsh suffers with brittle bone disease which causes frequent fractures and has him wheel chair bound but being the badass that he is he says  that he doesn't want sympathy. He chose the song as says he feels like "Not Afraid" has been his “power song” ever since he heard it for the first time

5. A social media story that Mattr’d | We really enjoyed the inspiring story of Aroosha Nekonamwho uses Instagram to document herself from anorexic to a kick ass body builder - spreading a hella amount of body positivity all round. See the full article on The Metro.


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