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Weekly trending content that Mattr'd this week - 15/04/2016

trending content in the uk from a mattr media a london video production creative agency in camden


1. An online ad that Mattr’d |  - Airbnb presents Lairbnb: We've had fun watching this online advert from Airbnb. It's a really nice tongue-in-cheek piece of content where we see a superhero, vampire and pixie "advertise" their lair for rent on Airbnb. 100% would stay with the superhero:  

2. A mini documentary piece that Mattr’d | Yahoo - Bikers Change Lives of Abused Children: This is such a powerful piece of content from the Yahoo team showcasing the work of the Bikers Against Child Abuse organisation and a girl they helped protect when she testified against her stepfather: 

3. A viral that Mattr'd | Facts. - 57 Years Apart - A Boy And a Man Talk About Life: We're pretty aware that this has been out for a little while now but we don't think it's had enough love on the interwebs. What a brilliant piece of video that is authentic and sweet: 

4. A branded piece of content that Mattr'd | Amuse / Nespresso - Breakfast of Champions: Amuse (of the Vice network) teamed up with Nespresso to create Breakfast of Champions, a unique look in to how the UK and Europe's rising creatives start their day each morning, definitely worth a watch: 

5. An indirect plug that Mattr's | Facebook / Instagram - Mobile Moves People: This is a little different to our usual programming but we just HAD to share this with you. Mattr's creative director Josh Hine flew over to Singapore a couple of weeks ago to shoot Facebook's FIRST vertical video showing the power of mobile video with a piece of content tailor made for mobile devices: 

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How to Tell Stories Through Film

This is the first of hopefully many weekly blogs all about our experiences in the content marketing/storytelling/video production game

Why is Star Wars the greatest franchise of all time

Why is Star Wars the greatest franchise of all time

It’s November, we’re in a shed in Enfield, Greater London, filming a guy called Simon... and his real life R2-D2. I don’t know whether it was the mountain of memorabilia he had on his walls, or the amazing stories he told us about travelling round the country with this 3 foot Star Wars fan favourite, but at some point I realised that Simon isn’t just a professional droid maker whose worked with the likes of Secret Cinema, HP and Disney, but he pretty much embodies everything we love about the robot he builds- he’s kind, funny, dependable and all round do-gooder.

And so when we think about the age old question “Why is Star Wars the greatest movie franchise of all time”(and I’m sure my LOTR friends out there will say otherwise) many would argue it’s the revolutionary special effects, it’s the score, it’s the phenomenal one liners or the fact it fits so many genres- I mean what is the Star Wars?! A sci fi- western- action adventure- fantasy?!

But really, for me, the most important reason for the film’s success is simple: Lucas created aspirational characters that audiences of all ages and backgrounds can relate to…


Our teenage hero who feels unsure of his purpose and has a dysfunctional relationship with his father who wants him to be something he doesn’t want to be, the patient and wise mentor who see’s potential in people other’s cannot, the strong female heroine who simply won’t be intimidated in  male dominated world and of course the sweet sidekick droid who never gets enough praise in spite of always does the right thing, even before he’s asked to.

The point is we love these characters because we can relate to them and some of us, like Simon, completely embody them. There’s a little Luke Skywalker, Leia or Yoda in all of us.

PLUG: if you want to see our piece on Simon or the other six episodes (not done purposely although we did debate the first release do be episode 4) you can check them out on our channel here:

*Please note, I love my Dad and he very much approves of what I do :)

Written by: Josh Fineman (Founder and Chief schmoozer at Mattr). Drop us an email with any questions about our experience filming Star Wars Changed My Life, we are London based creative video production agency but we are all ears!