So,’s kinda important, especially if you’re making a film.  Here are 5 ways to make it count:

1. Have an objective and target your audience- If you say “to go viral and get everyone watching it” you probably shouldn’t make a video. 

2. Use emotion- tap into values you share with your audience. Too many people sell a product or say how brilliant their company is. Trouble is NO ONE CARES. It's like being at a party and starting a conversation off with someone by saying “Hi, I’m Dave and I’m awesome. ” .  No you’re not Dave, you’re actually a doosh. 

3. Be genuine- in a world where you put a foot wrong and someone has instagrammed a #nofilter of it to their100k followers, don’t pretend to be something you’re not. You will get sniffed out.

4. Find a hook- if your film is 2mins long, make it in the first 5-10. It’s something that teases you about what the rest of the film is about. For instance, in our Star Wars superfan films (shameless plug), we made sure the opening sequences were mysterious and left you questioning who the person we were filming actually was.

5. Build tension. The Lightsaber Master was awesome to make. However, it would have been even better had our hero been working towards a sword fight against his arch nemesis, or was learning a new trick that had never been completed before. So, with the next story you make, think about how you could fit some tension in there...

There’s tonnes more I could say, but I guess if you can nail the above 5 rules, you’re on your way to one helluva film.

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