The Brief: How do you convey the impact of Star Wars on the British public in the build up to the largest grossing film of all time? 

The solution: With only 6 weeks until the launch of the film, we partnered with the awesome director (and Star Wars superfan) Leandro Santini to produce a six part film series about the very people who have been most influenced by the movie franchise in the UK. 

Why it Mattr’d: Hosting the films on our very own YouTube channel, we premiered the series by holding an event with Simon Battell (a professional droid builder)…and his real life R2-D2. The stories were picked up by Time Out and The Telegraph and were further distributed organically through our hero characters and relevant Star Wars forums. We are now talking to commissioners about turning this “proof of concept” piece into an ongoing web or TV series about pop culture Superfans.

Meet Jordan Court a Lightsaber Academy instructor, who with Ludo Sports is bringing the ultimate film weapon into a mainstream sport. Ludo Sports

Meet Keith Guppy, an avid Star Wars figurine collector. His impressive collection is all housed unsuspectedly in his house in Yeovil.

Meet Patrick Day-Childs, a council member on the Church of Jediism. Patrick found the church while battle depression and has used the teachings of the Jedi ever since in his day to day life.

Meet Simon Battell, the Star Wars superfan who has gone and built his own R2D2. His R2 replica has saw him travel the country it turns out this is the droid everyone has been looking for!

Meet Wayne Bower, an entrepreneur who swaped a city job to follow his childhood dream to sell Jedi Robes. Wayne's Store

Meet Tom"Wookie" Devine a tattoo artist based at Black Heart Studio in #Surrey who specialises in Star Wars themed skin art. Tom's Instagram


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Special Thanks to: Jordan Court, Keith Guppy, Patrick Day-Childs, Simon Battell, Wayne Bower, Tom 'Wookie' Devine.

Production Company: Mattr

Director: Leandro Santini

Executive Producer: Josh Fineman

Creative Director: Josh Hine

Editor: Leandro Santini & Josh Hine

Production Manager: Helena Marquez

Digital Strategy: Dave Hudson