The Brief: Roc Nation needed a music video for their upcoming artist ROMANS but the deadline and budget was crazy tight. They wanted something fresh and original, loosely inspired by the lyrics.

The solution:  Taking the theme of of the songtitle 'Prisoner' in an abstract context and exploring how people can become prisoners to vices as well as themselves, Josh Hine wrote a dark narrative around the theme of greed and addiction set in a 90's gritty landscape. 

Why it Mattr’d: By telling the story solely via physical objects and in reverse order the audience was kept guessing till the end, demanding a second viewing. The shooting style was specifically chosen so that Romans could build upon the concept at a later date, either through telling the same story through different filming styles, or by using the same style but with different stories. 

Special Mention: The photography of Paula ZuccottiJason Travis and blog 'Things Organised neatly' was a big inspiration!


Def Jam

Urban Soul


Director: Josh Hine

Production Company: Mattr.

Producer: Josh Fineman

Production Assistants: Dave Hudson

DOP: David Wright

Art Director: Liz El-Kadhi Brown

Art Dept Assistant: Jay El-Kadhi Brown

Movi Op: Josh Brooks

Focus Puller: Ewan Sadler

Location: The Rag Factory