The Brief: It was the lead up to the Paralympic Games and Channel 4 needed to build audience traction to set themselves up as the platform of choice for advertisers looking to cash in on the big event.

So following the success of our Star Wars documentary series, Channel 4 asked us to create a short documentary series to help build awareness and conversation around body positivity amongst 18-24 year olds on the 4OD platform.

The Solution: We set out to create six, share-worthy stories, centred around amputees from across the UK - each with heart-wrenching, yet utterly inspiring personal stories waiting to be told. With a lean, five-person crew we shot six episodes and countless stills across a whirlwind, nine day, cross-country trip.  Working tirelessly side-by-side with Channel 4’s commissioners, we put out casting calls through social media, forums and sponsored ads. As a result we uncovered six inspiring amputees each with a quirky personal story that would hook audiences until the credits started to scroll.

Why it mattr’d: Our series was featured on the homepage of 4OD in the build-up to the games, and continues to be showcased on the platform to this day. Viewing figures of the Olympics smashed expectations resulting in Channel 4 agreeing to broadcast future Paralympic Games.

The series has been picked up by a host of film festivals and media companies, and amongst many accolades our proudest is from ‘The London Surf Film Festival’, because it was publicly voted for with 1000+ votes in our favour!



Production Company: Mattr

Director: Josh Hine

Executive Producer: Josh Fineman

Production Manager: Dave Hudson

DOP: Nick Morris

Camera Assistant: Thomas Terminet

Editors: Hettie Griffiths & Josh Hine

Sound: Liam Kelly & Jim Friend


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