The Brief: The Old Oak and Park Royal Development Corporation (OPDC) is the biggest regeneration scheme in London since the Olympics. Naturally with a redevelopment of this size, there were doubts and misconceptions from all angles - stakeholders, investors, MP’s, residents and businesses. OPDC wanted our help to win these sceptical hearts and minds, kick starting a future proof engagement programme with video at its core.

The Solution: To get residents and stakeholders behind the project without feeling “sold to”, we pitched a 3 part series, “for the people, made with the people”. To do this we attended community workshops to directly engage with our prospective audience, to build a rapport with them and uncover stories and characters for our films.  This also helped OPDC build relationships with 30 local community members.

Each episode focused on a different target audience with different themes associated with the area - the people, the history, the future. In addition to the films, we produced a suite of photography assets which could be across on the client’s website, social channels and print material.

Why it Mattr’d: OPDC continue to leverage the relationships this project started for them with the local community. 12 months on and the films are still being used to showcase to the 10,000 local residents and beyond, having been used at international conferences as part of the sales pitches for global development and investment leaders.