The Brief: Channel 4 needed a short film series that would help build awareness and conversation around body positivity in the build up to the 2016 Paralympic Games. 

The solution: We used social media to track down 6 of the UK's more inspiring amputees to explore how they use custom prothetic limbs as a form of creative self expression, inspiring individuals who don't let their disability hold them back and instead embrace life to achieve their dreams.

Why it Mattr’d: The films encouraged positive conversation and embodied the 'YES I CAN' motto of the 2016 Paralympics. The format is designed to be scaled for future episodes as well as for an international market. It was featured across multiple online publications as well as at the top of the 4OD platform’s 'must watch chart', we are now in discussions with C4 about the next project we have in development...




Production Company: Mattr

Director: Josh Hine

Executive Producer: Josh Fineman

Production Manager: Dave Hudson

DOP: Nick Morris

Camera Assistant: Thomas Terminet

Editors: Hettie Griffiths & Josh Hine

Sound: Liam Kelly & Jim Friend


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