The Brief: One of the UK’s largest student run organisations had a problem- how can they combat the fastest growing rate of anti semitic attacks ever in the UK without sceptics considering their work a “flagwaving” exercise?

Our solution: Instead of simply creating a film that tackles anti semitism, we worked over the course of 8 weeks with our client to build a platform called “#LabelFree”, tackling ALL forms of stereotypes. This was kick started by a series about individuals from micro communities you wouldn’t normally associate with the Jewish community. 

Why it Mattr’d: Nominated at the 19th UK Jewish Film Festival, we found 4 people across the country through an open social media casting call. The films were distributed in local cinemas, outdoor screens, digital channels as well as the Label Free microsite ( and has been seen by over a million people (so far!). Most importantly, the stories submitted to the site has enabled us to collect details of all sorts of people around the world who want their story told. We have since developed a second #LabelFree series, this time to do with physical disability.

Watch the teaser for the first series of the #LABELFREE project.

Meet Grace. She's fought adversity all her life. She now runs 'Born' which helps people who are going through the struggles that she has faced. "You can't change the world but you can change the world around you."

Meet Ed, who pursued a passion that wasn't dictated by his background. He now travels the world doing what he loves. "Make the most of every opportunity that's offered to you" 

Meet Catherine, who was having to battle stereotype from her playground days. She now wants to use her skills to inspire other young girls take on the boys! "Football doesn't have a gender." 

Meet Alyson, who emanates self expression. She's no stranger to being stereotyped, even though there is so much more to her. "It does surprise people that I'm not a rebellious teenager"  Alyson's Blog


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Special Thanks to: Grace Oni Smith, Catherine Charles, Edward Harris, Alyson Melody Pacanowski

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