The problem: International Greetings (the world’s leading gifting and celebrations business) wanted a film that conveyed their ethos of ‘local knowledge – global reach’. The aim was to galvanise 1500 global staff, whilst reporting a vision for the future to their AIM market investors.

The Solution: Instead of a typical talking heads film which just focused on financial results and senior staff, we created a film that celebrated all IG staff from factory worker to sales rep and explored the reason why IG do what they do.

Why it Mattr’d: We were told the film totally “exceeded expectations" and became the backbone of the company’s decision to rebrand (which we’re delighted to be a part of).


Directors - Josh Fineman and Adam Baroukh

Producer - Chris Pencakowski

DOP - Alberto Blasazi

Editor - Hettie Griffiths

Art Director- Anne Gry Skovdal