The Brief: As the UK’s fastest growing car-sharing platform, HiyaCar needed to convince investors to part with their hard-earned cash to build their business. but the founders were anxious, having had a bad experience with a previous company film. It was up to us to prove them what the experts were capable of. 

The Solution: Having had plenty of prior experience in fundraiser films we knew that the best way to show ‘why’ HiyaCar was worth the investment, was to make people feel like they were investing in more than a company, they were investing in like-minded people.

The tone of the film had to be honest and relatable…a true reflection of who they are as a business. So that’s what we created. We produced a no holds barred, fun, pun filled, self-aware film that communicated their vision, their passion and their drive to succeed, all in under four minutes.

Why it Mattr’d: And it worked, HiyaCar smashed their target of £500k in an eye-watering seven days and eventually ended up raising over £1.2m on Crowdcube. The film was not only pivotal to this phenomenal fundraise, but repurposed ‘cut downs’ now sit proudly on their website and social channels to communicate the product and story, far and wide.