The Brief: Despite a tough year for the UK property market Hamptons’s results were looking positive but they needed to maintain staff morale and instil a new sense of pride in the company, celebrating the thing that make them truly unique - their people.

The Solution: Having worked closely with Hamptons before we knew of an internal campaign that deserved to shine: ‘TNTs’... AKA ‘Tiny Noticeable Things’, an eclectic list of true stories, compiled over the years from staff who had gone the extra mile for their customers.

Alongside the marketing team we whittled a list of over 100 stories down to just 3 to form the base of the film. Our stories also needed to tick a number of boxes to show all of Hamptons’s services from rentals to lettings, rural to urban branches etc.

Why it Mattr’d: What started as an internal comms film is now being used online to attract new customers as well as recruiting staff. By leveraging a campaign that Hamptons were already doing internally we were able to pull together the film in a relatively short amount of time.

As a long term comms strategy the film was created with a core structural formula in place which can be replicated and added to year on year with the latest TNTs and staff members.