The Brief: Saatchi & Saatchi were asked to create something to celebrate over 250 years of history for Guinness. Jonathan Santana and Xander Smith's task was to ensure it would be "something that would last longer than just 60 seconds.”

The solution: Jacob Hopewell and Josh Hine (Creative Director of Mattr) were asked to direct a documentary about the construction of David Wilson’s ambitious sculptural project- a monumental physical representation of their mantra 'Made Of More'.

Why it Mattr’d: The documentary (that follows the epic 8 month long building of a 12 foot tall, 2 tonne Guinness Pint glass) is to this day played in Europe’s busiest tourist attraction, Dublin’s very own Guinness Storehouse. It has been seen by over 10million visitors and amongst countless press, the project was featured in Creative Review magazine.  Oh…it also won a Fubiz Ad of the Year award. Yay :)


Creative Review

Ad Week



Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi

Production Company: Blink

Directors: Josh Hine & Jacob Hopewell

Creatives: Jonathan Santana and Xander Smith

Project Director: David Wilson

Music: Woodkid

Sculpture created by: Sam & Arthur, Robert Hunter, Bradley Jay, Micah Lidberg, Village Green, Corin Johnson, Jethro Haynes, Benedict Hughes, Alex Simpson and Jason Bruges Studio with Lost Values.