The Brief: Grants needed a through the line campaign to help increase sales in one of the fastest growing Whisky markets - Africa. The trouble was, the market had become saturated by two Goliaths in Jameson and Johnnie Walker. To wrestle back market share they needed a concept that resonated with their audience, understood the cultural nuances across the continent and most importantly stood out as unmistakably Grants.  Introducing their new product… Triple Wood.

The Solution: Grant's smooth taste is a result of being aged in three types of wooden barrel. To bring this to life and make it relevant, we worked alongside a local consumer insights agency. The research showed a strong emotional connection to the themes ‘collective success’ and ‘the power of three’, so we created a TVC script about three friends who turn an average night out into an epic one. To make it distinctly Grants, we repeated the use of brand iconography of triangles, ‘threes’ and the brand visual identity throughout, from the set dressing down to the bespoke outfits of the cast.  We also wanted to position them as synonymous with comedy and music.

Why it Mattr’d: We are proud to have made something so bold and brave for the African Whiskey market, smashing the status quo of old white men in a dark bar, having a quiet drink; in favour of an epic, inclusive, rooftop party.  The brand feels aspirational without taking itself too seriously. The campaign went live on TV and digital media in 54 African countries. Translated into a variety of languages, the films are accompanied by Print, OOH, and in-store displays, as well as additional photography, social cut downs, GIFs and Boomerangs.




Creative Agency & Production: Mattr.Media
Service Company: With Milk
Creative & Director: Josh Hine
Executive Producer: Josh Fineman
DOP: Charlie Herranz
Art Dept: Laura Mc Gregor
Photography: Deborah Rossouw
Editor: Rachael Lewis
Account Manager: Stefanie Sword-Williams
Post Producer: Rhoda Sell
Music: Pitch&Sync / OutStandard
Sound: Fred Pearson & Alex Bingham @ Machine Sound
Grade: Senem Pehlivan @ Emanate