The brief: Having helped Chip 2 years before achieve the 3rd most successful Crowdcube fundraiser ever the brief for their next funding round film was simple: Beat last time!

The Solution: Working in partnership with Chip’s senior team, we created a video comms strategy which tapped into the entire internal decision making process of an investor, answering their questions before they asked them and allaying any doubts before they had them.

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Because Crowdcube allows you to leverage your existing customers it was key we stayed true to the tone of voice and visual style we had already established in the last film that their customers already knew and loved… if it ain't broke! It’s this core customer community that kick started the momentum which in turn attracted the big ticket VCs. To make the film we tapped into Chip’s existing customers, investors, advisers and staff to aid the feeling that investors where investing in more than just tech, they were joining a movement.

Why It Mattr’d: Chip’s £1m target was smashed in just a matter of days with the campaign eventually breaking the whopping £4m mark while breaking the record for the UK’s largest ever crowdfund beating the likes of Monzo, Brewdog and Revolut with a total of 7038 individual backers, Nice one guys!