The Brief: As a heritage brand Cambridge Audio’s typical customer is an older, tech-savvy, audiophile but in a bid to attract a younger audience new to the brand, they approached Mattr.

The Solution: To build their online brand presence we settled on a ‘brand agnostic’ ‘how to’ series, promoting Cambridge audio as a friendly expert without forcibly trying to selling a product.

To form our episodes we used Google keywords to compile the most commonly searched audio queries and then worked with CA’s internal team to get our facts right for the scripts. These were then all storyboarding and animated to life following a consistent, on brand, ‘house style’.

The series was structured to work on YouTube, Facebook via a network of clickable thumbnails to continue the customer journey after watching with a bank of stills, GIFs and written content to support the videos over social media, web and email newsletters.

Why it Mattr’d: For a relatively limited budget, we were able to deliver five films, rather than just one. This meant we maximised reach with films seeded over time to stay top of mind with this new audience. By making something beyond a typical advert we could tap into a much wider audience, drawing on popular search terms the films gained 121,400 unique impressions in under 6 months with an impressive average view duration of over 70%.



Creative & Production: Mattr

Animators: Room CR6

Director: Josh Hine

Executive Producer: Josh Fineman

Production Manager: Dave Hudson

Sound Design: Jim Friend