1. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | M&Ms & X-Men

I had to share this with you because I really liked the way X-Men and M&Ms teamed up to promote the DVD release of X-Men apocalypse. Surely this is the sign of more brands teaming up in the future for more creative campaigns that matches up two pop culture references. 

2. A creative concept that Mattr'd | Adobe Cloud

I'm really glad to see Adobe have scaled their cloud campaign concept to a further set of films that show in a pretty out there, but brilliant way the different uses their cloud service has for potential customers. 

3. A TV advert with impact that Mattr'd | NatWest

Once in a while you have a brand that goes super dark, super serious and creates a piece of content that completely misses the point. NatWest is now one of these brands, as their latest TV ad is insanely powerful and matches so well with their message, that I genuinely looked at their website to see how they could help me. So yeah, it works well this one. 

4. A use of heritage that Mattr'd | HMV

Heritage is so important when it comes to brand loyalty, I mean it took HMV a while to capitalise on their vinyl selling history but this lovely bit of content certainly puts it back in to people's minds. I'm really hoping to see more tangible physical campaign that gets people excited even more about buying vinyl from HMV instead of vintage shops and Sainsbury's.

5. A TV Advert that Mattr'd | Yorkshire Building Society

What a great bit of execution on Yorkshire Building Society's latest TV advert! Its such a grounded and powerful concept that gets you thinking about the state of your home. I'd love to see this concept scaled to show different scenarios, like outgrowing your home, wanting to extend your home etc. 

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