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Weekly Trending Content That Mattr'd 27/05/2016


1. Ad innovation that Mattr'd | Samsung

We are pretty blown away with the amount of immersion, creativity and scalability from Samsung's SideLiner creation. The concept is to give sports fans the ultimate viewing seat at sports matches that keeps them in the heat of action by moving the seat up and down the field - but most importantly the SlideLiner puts the Samsung name in to EVERY key frame of action. Nothing short of awesome. 

2. Piece of branded content that Mattr'd | Masterfoods

The age old question of "Who would you most like to have dinner with, living or dead" was flipped on its head with the help of children and Masterfoods. The kids made their parents look pretty selfish as they reeled off dozens of well known names but the kids? Well, all they wanted to do was eat with their family. What a way to melt your heart - with food.

3. An inspiring ad that Mattr'd | Weight Watchers

What we liked most about this advert from Weight Watchers is the promotion of a healthy mentality to aid with weight loss. Coupled with the narrative that can be easily identifiable to many people its just an all round inspiring advert that made us want to put down our Snickers and go for a jog. 

4. A use of imagination that Mattr'd | Canal+

This Canal+ isn't usual something we'd highlight, but we just thought that it was an epic way to show off the French TV channel's incredible creativity. We will say no more and will let you see for yourself.

5. A use of pop culture that Mattr'd | Esurance

Our WW aka Walter White aka The One That Knocks is back . . . kind of. Esurance used the iconic anti-hero in the best way possible - to peddle personalised insurance. We hope to see this campaign utilise other iconic characters. 

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