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Weekly trending content that Mattr'd 22/4/16

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In the week where the world became less colourful with the loss of Prince, Jeremy Corbyn actually wished the Queen a happy birthday (albeit through talking about Arsenal) and Idris Elba & Richard Madden take down french terrorists in Bastille Day, there’s a LOT of amazing content that we just had to share with you :)

1. An upcoming campaign that Mattr's |

The king of epic stunts, Red Bull are back at it again with their latest campaign that will see 165 student teams from over 50 countries have 7 days to travel across Europe. But the catch is they are  using only cans of Red Bull as currency. We don’t know if the exchange rate will differ from country to country, but what we love is the scale and depth to this project. Red Bull know that it’s not just about producing viral hits it's about creating ideas that can scale beyond anything that a simple viral hit could ever do.  We can’t wait to see what happens. 

2. A heartfelt advert that Mattr'd | 

Chase Consumer Bank are following their UK counterparts of Lloyds, Barclays and Co-Op bank with their heartfelt advert. The ad followers an everyday dad dressing up as a "Fairy Dadmother" for daughter's birthday -it's a brilliant metaphor to show how many parents want to go the extra mile for their kids. So really, why not open a savings account for your kids while you're at it? Nice one Chase Bank you've put a smile on our face.

3. A campaign movement that Mattr'd | 

Big up "Mein Kampf gegen Rects", the organisation who have rewritten history by taking Hitler's infamous autobiography "Mein Kampf" or "My Struggle" by asking German people of colour and ethnic backgrounds to write about their struggle with racism in the country.

4. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd |

What sells a feeling better than music? Pandora have out done themselves and created piece of content that sells music and emotion perfectly.  What we love it about this is that it breaks stereotypes, shows people from different walks of life and unites them all under the medium of music.

5. Honouring one of the greats that Mattr'd |

We're definitely writing this with a lump in our throats, as we say goodbye WAY too soon to the master, pioneer and futurist of music- Prince. A man that was never afraid to be who he was, championing new and innovative ways to express himself through film, with style, substance and pure authenticity. His presence on YouTube is difficult to find so we've settled with his epic performance at the Super Bowl XLI halftime show, where he plays in the pouring rain (that you can't watch embedded). So long Prince.

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