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Weekly trending content that Mattr'd this week - 15/04/2016

trending content in the uk from a mattr media a london video production creative agency in camden


1. An online ad that Mattr’d |  - Airbnb presents Lairbnb: We've had fun watching this online advert from Airbnb. It's a really nice tongue-in-cheek piece of content where we see a superhero, vampire and pixie "advertise" their lair for rent on Airbnb. 100% would stay with the superhero:  

2. A mini documentary piece that Mattr’d | Yahoo - Bikers Change Lives of Abused Children: This is such a powerful piece of content from the Yahoo team showcasing the work of the Bikers Against Child Abuse organisation and a girl they helped protect when she testified against her stepfather: 

3. A viral that Mattr'd | Facts. - 57 Years Apart - A Boy And a Man Talk About Life: We're pretty aware that this has been out for a little while now but we don't think it's had enough love on the interwebs. What a brilliant piece of video that is authentic and sweet: 

4. A branded piece of content that Mattr'd | Amuse / Nespresso - Breakfast of Champions: Amuse (of the Vice network) teamed up with Nespresso to create Breakfast of Champions, a unique look in to how the UK and Europe's rising creatives start their day each morning, definitely worth a watch: 

5. An indirect plug that Mattr's | Facebook / Instagram - Mobile Moves People: This is a little different to our usual programming but we just HAD to share this with you. Mattr's creative director Josh Hine flew over to Singapore a couple of weeks ago to shoot Facebook's FIRST vertical video showing the power of mobile video with a piece of content tailor made for mobile devices: 

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