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Weekly trending that Mattr'd 06/05/2016

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In the week when the country headed to the polls to elect local government, Leicester City FC won the Premier League (we are waiting for the inevitable film to catch up with it all) and Seth Rogen & Zac Efron went up against a sorority because of their ongoing antisocial behaviour - we've been enjoying some of the most witty and positive pieces of content on the web:

1. A use of creativity that mattr'd | Maynards Bassetts

We've got a bit of a soft spot for Maynards recent series of "chunky intermissions" as frankly they remind us of the muppets. Really like the way they've brought the confectionary to life by turning them into colourful everyday objects.

2. An online ad that mattr'd | 

Got to hand it to, this is a really nice nod to people's alternative weekend passions. We say it's refreshing because we are so used to seeing the "ideal" luxury relaxing weekend, when in reality that's only a small amount of people who are aiming for such idealism. Battle reenactments does look all kinds of cool to film as too!

3. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | Knorr

The rising trend of these "complete stranger" social experiments has lead some interesting content. We really like what Knorr have done with their "Love At First Taste" video as it has the potential to scale into something much more personal, like asking the public to share their own food relationship stories . . .

4. A public service announcement that mattr'd | Reporters Without Borders

It was a pretty daring move by Reporters Without Borders to create a slightly tongue-in-cheek video (with serious undertones) celebrating their birthday using dictators as the choir. We hope this video leads to heightened awareness of the work RWB continually does around the world. 

5. A shameless plug that mattr'd| May The Fourth Be With You

What did we all do this Star Wars day? We had some nostalgic Star Wars related feelings about the mini documentary series we shot to celebrate the release of "The Force Awakens" entitled "Star Wars Changed My Life". Big shout out to LudoSport UK for sharing their episode (which you can watch below)!

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