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Our Brand, Bitch & Brekkie Takeaways

Our Brand, Bitch & Brekkie Takeaways

Partnership is something we feel really strongly about at Mattr. And living that shouldn’t just impact how we work, it should be something we actively encourage.

That’s why we setup Brand, Bitch & Brekkie, an intimate, no-holds-barred knowledge swap between likeminded senior marketers to help each other navigate the challenges they’re going through.

The latest of these was a real eye opener. Here are some of the golden nuggets spoken about:

Brandbuilding should not be separate to growth marketing

Even if it doesn’t have the same KPIs as more direct performance ads, creative content creates ROI direct marketing simply can’t. Sales teams can use it as conversation starters, HR should see it as tools to onboard best in class talent, and performance teams can make it a means of leveraging data and insights. So factor these in when seeking stakeholder buy-in for your next brand campaign idea!

Never forget the customer

Many comms decisions are based on what people within the business THINK their customer wants. But the trick is really asking them what they actually want. Beyond SEO, Google Keywords and following social trends, it’s worthwhile hosting open office days and regular sessions with your customer service teams to help do this.

Sharing is caring

Utilising communication tools like Slack is a really great way to spark and share ideas when it comes to content planning. From inspiring to funny or interesting stories that people are saying about your brand on social, let your team know about them or otherwise nuggets will get lost in the ether.

Maximising value

Creating content (particularly video) can be expensive. So maximising value is really important. Being able to bank assets on set, re-hash old content with a new spin, or planning campaigns that have lifetime value and can scale, is the key to ensuring you get the most value from your budgets.

If you agree with the above and want to share experiences with like-minded colleagues, why don’t you book a seat to the next Brand, Bitch & Brekkie roundtable on 9th October at Riding House Cafe, Fitzrovia.

Email or give her a ring on 07772343952 for any q’s!

7 tips on how to kick start your content ideation process

Now here comes the fun part! You’ve painstakingly thought about who you’re making it for, why you’re making it and where you’re going to put your content, but now it’s on to the what you’re going to make (yay). Ideation isn’t simple for everyone, we get that but we’ve got some easy tips to help you on your way to have a bunch of content ideas.

5 ways to figure out what content your audience is going to love

First things first, the key ingredient to figure out what your audience is going to love is the right attitude: whatever content you create should NOT be all about you and it definitely shouldn’t be about how amazing your product is. You need to focus on what it is that your target audience actually WANTS to read, listen to and watch.