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Weekly trending content that Mattr'd 29/04/2016

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In the week where Beyoncé released her sixth studio album 'Lemonade', where Barack Obama waded in on Brexit and Captain America and Iron Man are set to hash out a civil war in 2 and a half hours - we've watched all the killer branded content that mattr's so you didn't have to! 


1. A feel good advert that mattr'd |

Not going to lie, we've been wanting to parody Apple's infamous "Think Different" campaign for the longest time, but have parodied it in a way that mattr's greatly! With the help from Dumbledore (Sir Michael Gambon) the advert champions man's best friend's foibles so perfectly that it's hard not to smile while watching. 

2. A piece of branded content that mattr'd | BBC

The true national treasure that is Sir David Attenborough will be 90 in May. We think the BBC paid Sir David an amazing homage to his extensive career in this short film celebrating his dedication to animals, nature and the medium of documentary. 

3. A scaleable campaign that mattr'd | Ikea & Skype

Such a fun and interactive campaign partnership between Ikea & Skype! Basically, one thing none of us really acknowledge is how we always mislay our passports. Ikea & Skype recognised this and set people the challenge to find their passport in under 30 seconds - if you find it under the allocated time you are within a chance of winning a holiday (yay) but if you don't, you're entered in a draw to erm, win a drawer (kind of yay?).

4. A human experience that mattr'd | Airbnb

This is Airbnb's second placement in our weekly chart as they've smashed it out the park all over again! Really like the way Airbnb use the human experience to sell their service - in this instance they are encouraging people to 'live' the city they visit by feeling at home and experience this new place like it's already their own. 

5. A use of creativity that mattr'd | American Family Insurance

Yeah, American Family Insurance made our jaws drop open a little bit here. What an awesome advert that perfectly shows how kids think creatively, interpret the world and show the dreams they aspire to fulfills in their future. And to think all that to sell family insurance! 

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