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Four ways to optimise your content on Youtube

You've got your creative down, but here comes the fun part . . . optimising your content efficiently so your awesome videos rank in search results, people find you in related videos and you have an engaged and consistent community. 

Four ways to make killer creative for Youtube

Four ways to make killer creative for Youtube

In spite of the rise of Facebook video, Youtube is still the juggernaut of the digital video world. Home to the most viewed videos on the planet, Youtube is officially the world’s second biggest search engine, so it’s kinda a big deal and no wonder one of the most effective tools in any business’s digital marketing weaponry

6 social media platforms to host your content marketing

So you've tailored your content for your audience but what social media channels are right for your content? Well, whether you spend all your time on Facebook watching Unilad videos, use Instagram to look up cute puppy photos or even go on Twitter to give Game of Thrones spoilers, the key is to pick channels your audience is on and making sure what you produce is done in the right way for that channel...: