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Weekly Trending Content That Mattr'd 10/06/2016

1. An experiential piece of marketing that Mattr'd | Snickers

Snickers, the chocolate bar that enlists cult influencers with the aim to try make you smile and spend 60p. Clearly Mr Bean as a ninja, Joan Collins as a hungry footballer and Mr T in a tank  only had their creative team warming up. This time they enlisted the help of Marilyn Monroe and Willem Dafoe (hey that rhymes) to make us smile BUT how are they connected? Well just watch and find out the hilarious, yet oddly alluring results. 

2. An abstract advert that Mattr'd | HSL 

Public transport isn't sexy, but some how HSL has managed to make the company's upgraded travel card reader out to be something to be desired. Yes it's slightly childish, maybe a little obvious for but what we like most is they took a risk and nailed it.  

3. A piece of branded content that Mattr'd | ScienceWorld

Let's hand it to ScienceWorld, they've really stepped up the game in their latest bunch of branded shorts. We definietly spent an hour or two trying to find more bizarre facts like what is featured below. See, science can be fun.  

4. A use of creativity that Mattr'd | Porsche

What sells luxury better than the best of the best? Californication has only heightened every creative's dream of having a Porsche like Hank Moody so luring the general public in with images of the late, great Muhammed Ali, Maria Sharapova and chess champion Magnus Carlsen pit against themselves in the ultimate challenge can only heighten the epicness of the new 911 model. With the premise that only the new Porsche 911 can beat its previous incarnations it definietly has us smashing open our piggy banks. 

5. A good use of humour that Mattr'd | Yelp

This Yelp advert is the epitome of perfect execution. It's funny, clean and seamless. Who knew reviewing things could look so bizarre yet necessary? 

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