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5 ways to measure the success of your content

5 ways to measure the success of your content

Now you’ve become a lean mean content creating & distributing machine, it’s time to give yourself a pat on the back and watch as you reap the benefit of your spoils. But what’s that? You’re not seeing an immediate return? Well firstly don’t worry...this journey is a long one so as long as you have patience to test and improve, you will go far. That being said, there’s no point entering this game unless you know what you’re trying to achieve, so here are our five tips to help you measure ‘success’ or ‘failure’.

5 ways to plan your content schedule

It's all well and good creating all this brilliant marketing content for your company, but how are you going to make sure it gets sent out on time? How do you divvy up parts of this pretty monstrous task properly and efficiently? Well here’s our thoughts on how to plan the truest rock n roll invention: the content schedule.

7 tips on how to kick start your content ideation process

Now here comes the fun part! You’ve painstakingly thought about who you’re making it for, why you’re making it and where you’re going to put your content, but now it’s on to the what you’re going to make (yay). Ideation isn’t simple for everyone, we get that but we’ve got some easy tips to help you on your way to have a bunch of content ideas.

6 social media platforms to host your content marketing

So you've tailored your content for your audience but what social media channels are right for your content? Well, whether you spend all your time on Facebook watching Unilad videos, use Instagram to look up cute puppy photos or even go on Twitter to give Game of Thrones spoilers, the key is to pick channels your audience is on and making sure what you produce is done in the right way for that channel...:

4 ways to tailor your content to your audience

So you have an idea of what your audience wants. Now you have to make sure your content sings loud and proud to them! Why? Well you need your audience to eat your content up like they would a “Pret” sandwich to cure a hangover. Your aim is to make them NEED you not just want you :)