The Brief: Airportr, the travel tech company, had been a B2B business up until the point we started working together. They wanted a campaign to raise awareness of their consumer facing product but didn’t know how to communicate it their three different audiences.

The Solution: Because we were talking to people who had never heard of the brand before, we needed to consider every stage of their decision making process. So, over the course of 2 day shoot we created content for the entire marketing funnel, from a top funnel brand film down to mini pre roll ads, product explainer content AND testimonials, each deliverable tailored to the 3 unique audience personas.

Why It Mattr’d: It’s difficult for brands to come across as honest and relatable in traditional advertising campaigns. So, we decided to use real customer submitted nightmare stories AND used real Airportr users to star in the film campaign. Oh and it also outperformed all previous paid campaigns Airportr had tested online helping to drive a new wave of sign ups, not bad eh?


Pre Roll ads:



Agency: Mattr. Media

Director: Josh Hine

Exec producer: Josh Fineman

Producer: Rhoda Sell

DOP: Jack Booth

Sound: Jim Friend

1st AC: Nacho Muñoz de León

Production Assistant: Dave Hudson

Editor: Dave Silver

Motion Graphics: Peter Champelli

Behind the scenes: