MyFreda #PeriodDrama

CASTING CALL: 21st April 

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Isn't it crazy that when you stay at a hotel you get a shoe horn and a sewing kit but they don't provide tampons in the bathroom? Or when you go to work and there are free pretzels, magazines and beers on a Friday, but no sanitary care products in the toilets? Pretty absurd when you think about it, right?!

That's why we're partnering with MyFreda to help improve access to sanitary care products in places like schools, hotels, offices and even airlines. BUT to raise awareness of the issue, we need your stories, your voice and your confidence to share your worst #PeriodDrama.

On the 21st April we're looking for women of all ages to share (on camera) a time when you were caught out without sanitary care products, where you were and how it made you feel. Just to emphasise, the story doesn't have to be funny or shocking, we just want to raise awareness of the issue that women shouldn't be expected to carry their own products! No acting involved, just honest women telling real stories. 

The mission of the film is to encourage business owners to stock up on supplies so that us women never have to face an embarrassing situation again! The more women stand up and talk about this, the more we can create change. Please share this post and get as many females down to our filming day on the 21st of April in London!

To take part in the film email Stef with:

  • Your name 

  • Age

  • Story 

  • Photo of yourself 

We look forward to hearing from you!